NOX Notify is a premium cook group that is widely trusted and proven to maximize
profits. Here are some of the tools and features that is provided in our cook group.


We are known for our high-speed monitors, which allows our members an extra 3-5 seconds to checkout and
hit restocks. Some of our most popular monitors include Adidas Exclusive Access and SNKRS Scratch


We are one of the few groups that have working Supreme monitors. Restock destroyer with Auto Checkout and Quicktask integration.


Top shopify stores are monitored in a filtered and unfiltered channel. Stock numbers are displayed for products in different sizes.


Get an instant notification with the quickest SNKRS monitors around. Supports Scratch/Hunts.


A combination of popular and low- key websites are monitored to optimize your chances.


Yeezys and other releases are monitored for restocks and drops. We support Adidas Exclusive Access.

Social Media

Lightning fast monitors that cook Bot & Group restocks.

Live SMS Updates On Drops

Introducing NOX Alerts. Receive live updates on Shock Drops and other important information through text message.

Whether you're asleep or away from your computer, we'll make sure to alert you! We support all regions, just sign up for Alerts with your Phone number.


We offer affordable backdoors for a little over retail on all hyped and limited releases. 100% Authentic w/ box and Buyer Protection.

Step 1

Backdoor Access Pass

Step 2

NOX places order with
Backdoor Plug

Step 3

Sneaker Releases to

Step 4

Order ship out within
2-4 weeks after

Bypass Generator

Check out our in-house shopify bypass
generator. Supports all shopify websites.
FREE to use for all NOX Notify members.